Staai Podcast A.K.A. Music Player of Awesomeness


We have a big announcement to announce, an annunciation that surpasses all announced things.

In the broad spectrum of entertainment the element sound is vital. Like most cool people do, and most people should do, the Boss Triangle created history. History that is so often vanished into nothing or at least a visible memory that quickly starts to lose it’s clarity over time. One of those historical creations is the music that appears during our quality party sessions with co party members.

Many people do great and awesome things. A lot of people have talent. Talent which often passes by unknown. The only talent we know now is often marketed and in a lot of cases the word ‘talent’ is a big overstatement. Nowadays the commercial sound is the sound that brings in the money. Unfortunately many people are hunting for the money instead of pure quality.

We are searching for those gems of entertainment that is usually a tad away from mainstream, but definitely worthwhile. We are talking about things that are out of the box and in this blog post we are talking about music that is out of the box.

Staai Entertainment is happy to announce the launch of Staai Podcast; a part of our sharing platform. Staai Podcast offers music, in this case, dj sets of electronical music. Music you can turn on when you are at an (after)party when you want to party hard with your well known and comforting acquaintances. Music you can turn on during a long car ride, a session at the gym or when you for example hit the snow with your snowboard doing some tricks in the meantime.

Check it out!

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Dr. Toll - April 22, 2016

Like every Staai Session, you did a great job devouring our souls with another great set of mindblowing music. Tnx bro ?

    Staaiwalker - April 22, 2016

    The pleasure is all ours man 😉 Your part in this was essential for an awesome night

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