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Dudes, Dudettes…

You have just found a gem on the internet. I’ll tell you why.

You are a person who likes to party…right?
You are person that likes to hang and chill with like minded people…right?

That’s how Dr. Toll, Steen and Staaiwalker from De Bazendriehoek (The Boss Triangle) decided to take the initiative to found Staai.net.

Are you a person who identifies oneself with:
a. When a party is over, it is far from over for you?
b. While you keep partying, you need the necessary entertainment to party on?
c. The more the merrier?
d. All of the above?

You are at the right spot 😉

We are three totally different guys who found themselves in perfect chemistry being interested in the same things. Around the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, we went from meeting in the gym to meeting in clubs. Think of clubs all over Europe with peaks towards (keywords on)Rotterdam.Toffler.Chris Liebing(keywords off) or think of Sziget Festival where we dominated The Colosseum Stage (keywords on)Marcel Dettmann.Tyfoon.Girls.Smashed Appartments(keywords off).

Our aim with this website is to get you involved in our adventures by sharing them and giving you the opportunity to share yours. Besides this we want to post external sources to keep you inspired during any of your mental and physical adventures.

Our goal is to share valuable treasures, nothing more nothing less. May it be photo’s, video’s, music, interesting topics, adventures or just insanely out of the box glimmy glammies.

Enjoy and cheerio!

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