Twin Brother Challenge – Check!

So yeah, we like to keep each other on edge with exiting challenges we think up for one another. The ‘Twin Challenge’ was one of them, and not an easy one to say the least.

Try to convince people (who already know you) that you are your own twin brother…

Record it, to have some proof, and when succeeded, your name will for ever be pronounced with utter respect (or confused with your twin brother’s)

5 minutes before touchdown

So there we are, on a sunny morning, heading towards the gym, as Arie.. my (Shaft inspired!) twin brother. The day before, I already had a talk with one of the trainers, saying my twin brother was also looking forward to go to the gym, and that maybe they had some time to show him around?

Sure, send him over!

The game is on 🙂

Never surrender and stick to your own truth

The thing is though, when you are trying to convince other people that you are your own twin brother: they might not believe you… at all.
The trick is though, when you are trying to convince other people that you are your own twin brother: just plain simple never surrender and stick to your own truth.

So this is me (Arie) driving in my car that morning:


At the gym

Now here we are, parked at the gym. It is the moment of truth (my truth!). Kind of exiting. I only have one shot at this. If I start laughing, or whatever, then there is no way I can do this again.

I start recording my voice, saying hi to the guys, who will be listening to this when I have sent them the audio file afterwards.

After some intro words, I step out of the car and the next 10 minutes or so I am Arie. Totally. Undeniable.
I go in, people stare at me. I see them looking at me and thinking … wtf just entered our gym???
I walk up to one of the owners and say: “Hi, I have a meeting with Karl.” Some hesitance, but then I am taken into the large gym room. “Karl, your date has arrived”, he shouts.

My name is Arie…

Karl looks at me, mouth wide open. He doesn’t speak for a few seconds. Just stares at me…
I walk up to him, reach out my hand and say…”Hi, my name is Arie. The brother of..”

From that moment on it was just plain fun to be Arie, and have other people trying to (sometimes awkwardly) fit into the new reality I created there and then :-))

Here is a selfie of me and Karl at the end:

Arie and Karl

This one was for you guys, this one was for the Bazendriehoek!!

Twin Challenge:





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